US Privacy compliance with AMP

A default version of prebid.js will no longer be included as part of the Prebid plugin for AMP.
Be sure to provide an Url or Path to your prebid.js file in the configuration object.

Using Consent Management Module in AMP

For US Privacy prebid.js supports Consent Management Module which could be used on Prebid plugin for AMP by passing the following configuration through Prebid's options as follow":

var config = {
  plugins: {
    prebid: {
      resources: [
        {src: "", type: "text/javascript", async: true},
        {src: "${paths.plugins}prebid/Prebid.js", type: "text/javascript", async: true}
      adUnits: {
        code: 'video1',
        mediaTypes: {
          video: {
            playerSize: [640, 480],
            context: 'instream'
        bids: [{
          bidder: 'spotx',
          params: {
            channel_id: 79391
      options: {
        consentManagement: {
          usp: {
            cmpApi: "static",
            consentData: {
              getUSPData: {
                uspString: "1---"
akamai.amp.AMP.create("amp", config);

Implementation of US Privacy Prebid in AMP.

  • Notice that uspString must be provided by whether customer or application level. AMP does not do any cookie or browser setting pick up.

  • Customer needs to make sure that Consent Management Module exists on your prebid.js file.