AMP player

Facebook Audience Network

This module’s goal is to ease the integration of Facebook Audience Network and the Akamai AMP Player for iOS. With just a few steps we can achieve this integration, let’s see how.


Just import the AmpFBAudienceNetwork.framework and the FBAudienceNetwork.framework into your project. For more information check out the AmpCore’s documentation.

Note: Make sure to add the frameworks as Embedded Binaries or you’ll get an error about a missing image.

How to Use

Let’s first import the required frameworks:

import AmpCore
import AmpFBAudienceNetwork

Then, let’s add the related variables in our UIViewController:

var ampPlayer: AmpPlayer!
var ampFBAudienceNetwork: AmpFBAudienceNetwork!

And it’s time to instantiate them now in your viewDidLoad function:

ampPlayer = AmpPlayer(parentView: self.view)
ampFBAudienceNetwork = AmpFBAudienceNetwork(player: ampPlayer, placementID:"YOUR_PLACEMENT_ID", adBreaksAtSeconds:[timestamps array in seconds]) url)

Ads management

The Facebook Audience Network ads can be managed through several methods provided to the user by using the following methods.

Methods Parameters Usage
enablePreroll enabled:Bool Enables the playback of one preroll ad
enablePostroll enabled:Bool Enables the playback of one postroll ad
requestAd Requests one ad

The callbacks onAdStarted(ad: AdInfo?) and onAdEnded(ad: AdInfo?) must be used whenever ads start and end events are required. The position attribute of the ad object returns:

Value Ad position
0 preroll
1 midroll
2 midroll

Midrolls cannot be requested within the last ten seconds of a video on demand when the postroll is enabled.