AMP player

Google Analytics

This module’s goal is to ease the integration of Google Interactive Media Ads and the Akamai AMP Player for iOS. With just a few steps we can achieve this integration, let’s see how.


Just import the AmpGoogleAnalytics.framework in your project. For more information check out the AmpCore’s documentation.

Note: Make sure to add the frameworks as Embedded Binaries or you’ll get an error about a missing image.

How to Use

Let’s first import the required frameworks:

import AmpCore
import AmpGoogleAnalytics

Then, let’s add the related variables in our UIViewController:

var ampPlayer:AmpPlayer!
var ampGA:AmpGoogleAnalytics!

Instantiating Google Analytics is a bit different because their SDK works with a static reference, we provide a helper to facilitate it’s configuration.

And it’s time to instantiate them now, in your viewDidLoad function:

// Instantiate player

self.ampPlayer = AmpPlayer(parentView: self.view)

// Register yourself as an observer if required

self.ampPlayer.setLicense(license) YOUR_VIDEO_URL)

// Get a reference of the static Google Analytics SDK
self.ampGA = AmpGoogleAnalytics.sharedInstance

// Attach an instance of AmpPlayer to the Google Analytics SDK

And that’s basically it, with just those few steps, you have a working integration between AMP and Google Analytics.